Pump Up Advance Ticket Sales. Let Our Pro Sports Veterans Show You How!

Start smart. Pack your event. Plan your Advance Ticket Sales Now!

Get our sales advantage. Advance Ticket Sales are fundamental to every major event in the world. Bundling, strategic discounting, early incentives, group rates, family programs, season tickets and more are how the pros get events paid for before anyone even walks through the gate. Sales takes real people with real experience who have had the responsibility of filling entire stadiums for professional arenas and stadiums. And that’s what you get at Complete Ticket Solutions.

From Clicks to Conversations: Open the Gate for Bigger Sales!

spotpic_planning_ticket_salesA Conversation with us can add a whole new way of thinking about your event’s ticket sales. Conversations with your customers and fans can help you add “bulk” and “group” sales to your arsenal. And this goes for virtually any type of event. It’s not just for Stadium sports or concert sales. It works for conventions and traveling seminar series in business too. Work with us. We can help manage the customer service for you or if you have your own staff, we can help you plan a ticket sales strategy for Advance Ticket Sales. Want proof that we know what we’re doing, take a look at our Client’s page and see some of the events who work with us. These are events who want efficient expertise behind the scenes (and often on the ground at the event). Whatever our role, we guarantee you will get two things: (1) efficiency and (2) expertise. And that’s good news for your bottom line. Oh yeah, there’s a third thing you get: (3) friendly experts who love what we do. In one month, we could be working for an outdoor music festival, a dozen individual concerts, a mountaintop ski race, a trade convention, a fundraiser gala for a major charity and more.