• Segment Customer Groups
  • Set Goals & Triggers
  • Easy-to-understand Data
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics Integration
Monitor and Report

Improve Attendance and Streamline Sales Data to Know Your Customers Better

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The Right Data in Just a Few Clicks
Understand what drives your sales

Monitor and Report

We make it easy for event managers to get real data real fast. Our system dashboard gives you control over a wide variety of custom features to help you use the data for real marketing analysis and test evaluation. Add surveys and other simple intake tools to help you understand which sources and marketing are driving your ticket sales. Track payments, attendees, no-shows and much more.

Monitor and Report


  • Simple Dashboard
  • Track Sales / Marketing
  • Automated Reporting
  • Custom Reports
  • Segment Customers
  • Set Goals & Triggers
  • Pre-Defined Reports
  • See Traffic Sources
  • Cross-Domain Tracking

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