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Pricing is dependent upon the artwork you upload. Our representative will discuss cost after reviewing your artwork.

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Artwork Specifications

Please upload the artwork to be used in your Plastic Cards. Please make sure your artwork has been created to meet our specs.

Any artwork which does not meet our specifications will be rejected or may incur extra fees to correct. Before you submit please make sure the size, format and file type is correct. If you are not sure please contact a customer service representative at 1-877-877-7677 or send us an email.

  1. Image Area and final size: 3.375 X 2.125
  2. Template with full bleed: 3.625 X 2.375
  3. File Formats: JPG, JPEG, PDF, GIF, PNG
  4. Image Quality: 300 DPI
  5. Color Mode: CMYK
  6. Absolutely no Microsoft Office documents
  7. If you need help creating a card, call us!
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Card Specs

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