The Turnkey Box Office System for Events, Stadiums, Arenas and Performing Arts Venues of All Kinds — Big or Small — Indoor or Outdoor!

Complete Ticket Solutions adds Sales expertise to Systems expertise. Customers routinely site our people as the big difference at CTS that keeps them coming back year-over-year.

Box Office Success = Sales + Systems

spotpic_software iconsEvents of all kinds have trusted Complete Ticket Solutions for over 15 years. We power events of all kinds—big and small. Our system covers all the bases for smooth event ticketing, promotion and sales. Customers, fans and patrons enjoy a seamless and simple ticketing experience complete with everything they expect: select-a-seat, print-at-home convenience, a person to answer questions and more. Our people complete the picture: help with ticketing website design, ticket design, advance ticket sales strategies and anything else you can possibly think of in your end-to-end event ticketing and promotion.

Online and at the Gate

spotpic_theater_ticketsWow! A ticketing company that travels! You bet. We don’t just stand behind our solutions. We’re often the team on the ground providing the event-day box office and ticket staffing. We provide the hardware and the people to operate it. We offer the latest in convenience systems for smartphones, barcoding and at-home-ticket printing processing. From a single concert to a week-long convention or weekend festival, you’ll find Complete Ticket Solutions is exactly what our name says: Complete. Give us a call, let us show you around. One of the friendly CTS team members will be thrilled to give you a tour of the online system and show you examples of other events we’ve managed just like yours. We’ve been around the block a few times and can help you navigate past the common mistakes made by both first time ticket sellers and even some event managers. Move immediately into using the best ticketing practices of event pros around the world. If it has to do with your box office and ticket sales, we have the answer.