Build Your Brand with Merchandise Sales

People love event memorabilia. Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Pennants, Wristbands. It’s up to you!

Sell Souvenirs, Keepsakes, Gifts and More On Your Website!

spotpic_friendly_staffWe all have a favorite t-shirt from a concert or event. We’re all fans of a favorite sports or college team. We take pride in wearing a t-shirt that shows our support for a charity, organization, club or cause. Non-profits often use gifts coordinated with their various donor levels. Sell concert t-shirts, branded team apparel, gifts, posters and more. If you have it to sell, Complete Ticket Solutions makes it easy for you. Advance ticket sales for fundraisers and major events often enjoy sales spikes in event apparel that fans wear to the event itself.

We Print and Manufacture Custom Tickets and Event Credentials!

spotpic_ticketboothSell as many items as you have in your inventory. Organize by category if you wish. The familiar user experience is just like a traditional online storefront to make it easy for you and your customers to shop. Like every transaction based component of the CTS System, it is secure and safe. Want help planning merchandise for your event. Talk to us. We can help you identify what has worked for other events. Add Upsell during your ticket sales to push your “must have” merchandise.

If you provide the merchandise to us, we can manage the fulfillment for you. With merchandise, you add a whole new revenue stream while adding popular purchase items that have proven successful with events around the world.