Real People with Real Answers — At Your Service from Our Headquarters in Sunny South Florida

A Dedicated Toll Free Number for Your Event!

toll-free-call-centerOur call center is in-house at our Florida headquarters. It is staffed by friendly customer service representatives who know your event and our ticketing system. Your customers are guaranteed a knowledgeable person will answer their questions, knows your venue, can help them with tickets and works to help you sell and secure long term customer relationships.

We’re Here for You Anytime

Events are notorious for having last minute needs, dozens, if not hundreds of details, tight schedules, logistical challenges and more. We know what it’s like and we are absolutely here to help you enjoy a stress-free event. Read through our testimonial page and see what others have to say about Complete Ticket Solutions.

Our Toll-free call center will put you in touch with whatever expertise you require, from strategic sales planning and box office advice to webpage best practices and marketing tools to equipment training and system tours to help you with getting the most from our system and staff.